The state of research on arbitration and EU law : Quo vadis European arbitration?

Very interesting literature review on arbitration and EU — including arbitration and EU competition law — by Barbara Alicja WARWAS, which can be found here.


The goal of this article is to provide a systematic literature review of studies on arbitration in recent decades. The major focus is on emerging developments in arbitration and EU law. The review will thus map the research on these developments and summarize its major findings to provide a better understanding of new trends in the scholarly literature on arbitration and EU law, and to identify research gaps to be addressed in the future. Just as almost 20 years ago Pieter Sanders addressed the then emerging problems of arbitration practice and posed a question: “Quo Vadis Arbitration?” this paper asks the question “Quo Vadis European Arbitration”? Hence, it aims at depicting the current and future direction of EU law and arbitration by proposing a common platform for discussion on these two distinct yet increasingly overlapping fields.

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